“Since our session, I’ve felt a new sense of calm and acceptance around the pregnancy and bringing the baby into our family. Some of my original concerns around finances, early labor and how my children are going to cope with less attention from me, are all still on my mind. However, I now have this feeling of “it’ll all work out” and don’t spend too much time thinking about it. I’ve been able to relax and give my children more of my attention now even if it means not doing laundry or cleaning when I typically would. I’ve also noticed a desire to be close to my husband which had not been the case since getting pregnant. I now want to share thoughts/feelings with him, cuddle him, be kind and gentle to him and feel so thankful to have him. This has also allowed me to be more calm and at peace in our day to day activities. Thanks again for all of your help.” FN USA

“After taking the 3 session package with Teagan, I can tell you I’m recommending her and RTT to everyone I know! My friends are telling me that I’m calmer, more approachable, and easier to speak with about tricky subjects. I’ve noticed that I just feel so much more confident in myself and find tasks easier to complete. I’d already spent a fortune on hypnotherapy in the past and had zero results so please take my word for it that RTT is totally different. Thanks so much for your amazing support and coaching during this program Teagan.” RM, NZ
Rm, NZ

“Morning Teagan, I have been thinking about writing this for a while but really wanted to process what went on before I did. Firstly our session totally blew my mind. It was so powerful and moving that I’m still stunned as to what exactly went on. I can honestly say it was one of the most spiritually profound experiences of my life. You were so gentle and reassuring I was totally comfortable with you. The shift in my mindset was immediate. It is literally so bizarre how I went into the session kind of confused, frustrated and tired about my situation and came out feeling confident, clear and happy. For the first time I truly trusted that everything and I would be OK. Thank you so much, I’m really looking forward to working with you on our next RTT session.” MB, NZ

MB New Zealand

I am feeling pretty good these days all in all. You have been an immense help to me and I am quite grateful and glad that I have been to see you, and even that I found you in the first place – it has been far more beneficial for me than the psychologist I was seeing.

Thank you so much


Rachel (Auckland)

“I’m so grateful for the courses, my time with you and what it’s done for me and my life. Such powerful / special stuff.” Erica T- Auckland

Erica T

I am really enjoying the two (classes) I have been to and feel I have learnt more in those two hours than years of reading self help books and other courses I have attended.

Teagan  really connects with her audience and has a lovely calm way of conveying the course content.

Fiona G (Auckland)

Thank you! I often feel like my breathing is really shallow and I find that a bit stressful. Today I came to class with my mind pretty agitated and distracted (and could feel it in my body – racing heart, etc). Breathing standing in the yielding position made me feel very grounded and also was much easier and my breath deeper. Something I’m not sure I can recall experiencing before. Then the practice was amazing. It settled my mind and made me very aware / present and in a deep relaxation state. Thank you for sharing that with us and creating that experience. It’s so powerful. Have a lovely week. I look forward to class next week.

Erica T (Auckland)

Every visit is a pleasure!  I feel as though I am being wrapped in the arms of an angel.

Meredith, Melbourne

Thank you for such a truely beautiful weekend.  You are an incredibly inspirational person from whom I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time.  Thank you for making me ‘ready’. I look forward to another retreat at some time in the future. Thank you and good luck with your journey. I will be following it with great intent. LD Victoria, Australia

Lisa D

Teagan, you create such a safe and open and nurturing environment for us to open up to our deepest selves. Every experience has furthered my self knowledge and brought more meaning into my life.  It has helped me find new ways to love and transform my life. Thank you! RB Melbourne

Robyn B

Teagan, what an absolutely beautiful, loving, peaceful weekend. You have introduced me to something I find truly inspiring, thoughtful, magical and most of all exciting. I received so much from you this weekend. You have helped calm me, educate me and already I feel this huge weight lifted. I can’t wait to explore more of your teachings in the future and look forward to following your journey. I really just can’t thank you enough! Maitripa – what a place. Loved it. Its simplicity and it’s beauty. Perfect. Daily structure was great. Silence in the morning was really good and as I mentioned in the final workshop today, it was nice to experience when in the company of other people. The yoga I thought was unreal. This has definitely inspired me to look further into this type of practice. It really worked for me and I just enjoyed it! Simple as that. All you need huh? What works for you… Aaahh I could just chant with excitement!! What a unreal feeling! Very cool.” Ann Marie, Melbourne

Ann Marie

Hi Teagan, I was a client of yours a few years ago and I just wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact you and your work had on my wellbeing. It was a difficult time that I look back on as a real learning opportunity, and you absolutely guided me through. I’ve been offered a role as a trainer for unemployed people here in Perth and I just wanted to let you know that you inspired my decision to move into this industry. I’m hoping to relocate back to Melbourne this year, and I’d love some more sessions!” Gemma, Perth


“Teagan’s services have made enormous changes to our clients well-being. Teagan has given our clients the tools needed to be able to deal with the issues that prevent them from returning to work. She has inspired our clients to do things they never thought were possible.”  Vesna- Sign On Employment, Melbourne Australia.


Conquer Your Depression with the Power of Yoga & Meditation– As a therapist for twenty years, I have reviewed many publications, classes, books etc. to help clients. This class is the most thorough combination of helpful strategies I have ever seen! Absolutely wonderful and a very positive way to help with emotional issues as well as depression.

Don’t let the yoga aspect keep you from taking this class. Although a valuable component, it doesn’t have to be used to still make this class one of the most powerful emotional programs I have ever seen.”

Dr Joyce Stone

Dear Teagan, this retreat brought more than ‘time out’ for me.  It was a chance to really connect in with who I am.  Thank you, you are an amazing teacher. Im feeling re-inspired to practice yoga again thanks to this lovely retreat.  I really took the time out for solitude this weekend and I found the yoga practice really assisted me in connecting with my soul.  All in all, absolutely fabulous as usual.  Your teaching knows no bounds, continually reflecting, growing and expanding.

Fiona Tischmann

Thank you Teagan for creating such a beautiful space for us all.  Space to connect, a space to learn, a space to understand how the mind interacts with our Goddess nature. Thank you for being a Goddess embodied, one who has given me the tools, inspiration and trust in my ability to connect more with my Divine nature.  Your presence and wisdom is profound.

Anne-Marie Dawson