How Is The Program Delivered?

The program is divided into 7 modules or Keys. Each key has a series of lectures. It also has a yoga class and a meditation designed to assist you to anchor the teachings discussed in the key.

When you have finished listening to the lectures for a key, practice the meditation and the yoga class for at least a week. It is preferable however, to practice these for at least two weeks. Then move onto the next key.


I Have Injuries, Will I Still Be Able To Do The Yoga?

The yoga practices are simple. The focus is not so much on the postures, but more on focusing the mind with gentle movement, sound and breath.

I have given modifications for some of the postures where necessary, however if you are unsure or feel pain stop the practice and write to me and I will assist you. It is important that you look after your body at all times.


I Have Never Meditated Before. How Will I Go?

The meditations have been designed for beginners, so please don’t worry. Guided meditations are easier to follow so this will assist you.

The most important thing to remember is that with practice, the mind will start to settle.


Can I Download The Program?

The meditations are downloadable however the yoga classes are not. You will need to watch them from the website. You can download the meditations to your Ipod and listen to them at your own leisure.


Can I Pay Now and Start The Program Later?

Yes, of course. You can start the program at any time.


How Long Do I Have Access To The Course For?

Once you sign up you have lifetime access to the course and the material.


Any Other Questions? Please Email Me.