Dealing with Emotional Pain

Life as we know, isn’t all roses and kittens. At times we experience deep emotional pain through loss, betrayal & ill health etc. This is the nature of life. Things come and they go. We breathe in and we breathe out.
Our level of resilience, i.e. our ability to bounce back from these painful experiences greatly influences how we traverse through these challenging times. We can either get lost in the pain, and be consumed by it, or we can use it to grow and deepen into a greater understanding of the self.
Feel Your Emotions.
When we experience emotional pain, our natural reaction is to get the hell away from it. The pain is so intense, that many of us lean into our addictive tendencies to numb the pain and to fill the hole we feel in our hearts. We may drink, take substances, or in the case of a broken relationship, throw ourselves into the arms of another.
Unfortunately, what we resist persists.  This is a great truth that many of us do not understand. When we try to ignore our pain, when we try to push it away or numb it, it gathers strength.
Our pain needs our attention and nourishment. Feeling into and breathing into it feeds it with self-care and love. Being with our pain is an act of self-commitment because each time we connect deeply with it, we retrieve aspects of the self that need reclaiming.
A Feeling is Just a Feeling
A feeling is just energy in motion (e-motion). Feeling pain allows this energy to move through our bodies, so that it doesn’t stagnate or become stuck or de-pressed.
As difficult as this is, the more we can feel our pain and express it through crying, writing, talking, movement, sounding and other forms of discharge, the quicker we integrate and come back to wholeness again.
Feeling Calms The Mind
Emotional pain tends to send the mind into over-drive. Our thoughts become agitated and go round in circles.
When we bring our awareness to our feelings however, it is very calming for the mind because we are asking it to focus. The practice of awareness and observation allows us to break the feedback loop between the mind and the emotions. We disengage from mental agitation and come into the state of acceptance.
Recognising The Parts of the Self That Require Healing

Emotional pain can be an indicator that there is a need for healing and integration because there is separation from the self. The more we feel into the pain and gently ask the question as to what we need to learn from it, the quicker we come back into a sense of balance.

If you are in emotional pain at the moment, allow it to transform you. Allow it to bring you into a deeper experience of self-love and acceptance. Pain is part of the journey of life and you will do well to accept its wisdom.
Much love,