Weight Loss The Easy Way- 3 Hour Workshop

    Westmere Auckland, Saturday 2 September

    Do you find it hard to lose weight and are constantly on diets that don’t work? Or do you lose weight and then put it back on again? Are you tired of all of this and resigned to the fact that you will always be big?

    In this workshop Im going to teach you why you are struggling to lose weight and how it is all based on the beliefs you are holding in your subconscious mind.

    In this workshop you will learn:

    • How to uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck
    • How to dialogue and instruct the mind to create powerful change in the body
    • How to love choosing food that is good for you.

    The Benefits:

    • Slim down easily and effortlessly
    • Develop a  healthy relationship with food
    • Freedom from constant dieting and never getting anywhere
    • Increased self confidence

    You will not be disappointed in this workshop. You will come away feeling hopeful, knowing that you can free yourself once and for all from this debilitating journey with weight. Join us!

    When: Saturday 2 September 

    Where: 9 Kotare Road, Westmere, Auckland, NZ

    Cost: $70 Direct Deposit. Email info@teaganfea.com for the account details

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    Teaching in Mexico 2014

    El Yoga de la Respiración, Sonido y Movimiento. from “SOGA” Sonidos de Gaia on Vimeo.