Yoga/Mindfulness Teacher, Radical Transformational Therapist, lover of all things magical. 

I am passionate about helping people awaken to the untapped energy that is available to us all:

  • Our breath, the power that is breathing us all
  • Love – it regenerates, nourishes, heals and transforms us
  • The elemental power of nature – learning to flow as she does.
  • Listening to the earth, learning to converse with her.

This hub is a soul sanctuary to  inspire you to breathe more fully, love more deeply and to shift towards a greater vital life for all.

Join me in the invitation of live and online events, meditations, immersions, retreats, therapy, home practice tools and live events. I am passionate about living vinyasa, regenerating self-care, the elemental power of nature, natural spirituality, passion within compassion and all things being in flow.

All my love,  Teagan

Credentials: BA Sociology/Anthropology (University of Auckland), Dip Marketing (Auckland University of Technology), Dip Health; Yoga Teaching (Centre for Adult Education, Melbourne, Australia), Cert Life Coaching (Institute of Inspired Living, Melbourne, Australia), Cert Yoga Teaching; Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (Agama Yoga Centre, Melbourne, Australia), Cert Career Coaching (DBM Consulting, Melbourne, Australia), Cert Health & Wellness Leadership (Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre), Cert Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Cairn Millar Institute), Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (Centre for Adult Education, Melbourne, Australia) Rapid Transformational Practitioner (Marisa Peer Method)

One-On-One Coaching/Therapy

One-on-one support with Teagan provides a safe container of wisdom and guidance to allow you to unfold and transform.

She will help you to awaken the part of you that is free, passionate, alive and joyous.

This work is a rich blend of coaching, yoga therapy, transpersonal practices, somatic psychotherapy, coaching and intuitive guidance. 

Guidance Package (4 Sessions)


  • My 100% devotion to you and a safe container over the course of our time together, whether its one session or many.
  • Pre session and post session reports (to be filled in before and after each session). 
  • Soulful wisdom and practical guidance designed to help you experience ease & joy. 
  • Understanding and support 
  • Self care practices, and audio meditation recordings
  • Check-ins and email follow-up after your sessions


One off Session (Either therapy or a private practice)

1 Session: (NZ) $150.00 (90 mins)

4 Sessions: (NZ) $560.oo (each session is between 60-90 mins). Sessions are scheduled weekly or fortnightly or when you need to see me.

A Daily Practice Is The Key To Change

Over the years Teagan has assisted hundreds of clients to transform deep seated emotional issues, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Her work is a rich blend of coaching, yoga therapy, transpersonal practices & somatic psychotherapy. It will assist you to release all that is blocking you from living a life of joy, purpose, inspiration and peace.

The key to her work is in developing a personalised daily mindfulness practice for each client to change the neuroplasticity of the brain. The practice will  calm your mind, emotions and will increase the emotional centers of the brain that regulate stress and increase your ‘feel good’ emotions.

The difference between this work and other approaches:

The focus is on the here and now and what you want to create for your future.

In order for profound change to occur, your whole ‘body mind’ system needs to be engaged.  This includes the spiritual and the physical as well as the mind and the emotions.

Take away a daily yoga/meditation practice that will positively influence your mind and emotions.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends on each client and this will be discussed in the first session. Ideally however, in order to get the most out of this work it is recommended that you have at least 4 sessions. In this way, Teagan can support you to make the changes you want to make so that you move forward. 


Talk Counseling therapy rooms, 1 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Sessions can also be conducted via Skype

Go deep & transform!

“You have helped me in the most profound way I ever imagined possible.  I feel so happy and content.  I feel so blessed to have found you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Susan, Melbourne

“Hi Teagan, I was a client of yours a few years ago and I just wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact you and your work had on my wellbeing. It was a difficult time that I look back on as a real learning opportunity, and you absolutely guided me through.  I’m hoping to relocate back to Melbourne this year, and I’d love some more sessions!” Gemma, Perth

“Teagan’s services have made enormous changes to our clients well-being. Teagan has given our clients the tools needed to be able to deal with the issues that prevent them from returning to work. She has inspired our clients to do things they never thought were possible.”  Vesna- Sign On Employment, Melbourne Australia.

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Online Study

After many years of teaching classes, facilitating retreats and workshops, Teagan is now dedicating time to creating online courses. This has resulted from many of her students asking for access to her teachings in an online format.  Her vision is to reach as many people as possible worldwide, to assist with changing the consciousness of our planet.

The Benefits of Studying With Teagan

  • You will learn how to master your mind to generate positive emotions and experiences
  • Teagan will guide you into a deeper connection with your divine spiritual nature so that you feel a greater sense of peace.
  • She will teach you how to truly love and accept who you are.
  • You will learn how to connect with and communicate with nature.
  • She will guide you into a connection with the sacred feminine, the Goddess.

Study With Other Students From Around The World

Create a user profile and add your photo. Share as much or as little information as you like with your fellow students.  Interact with Teagan, ask questions if you get stuck and get involved in discussions. 

WooCommerce Integration

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Choose the online class you would most like to experience. Register and enrol via WooCommerce–it’s easy!

Then make yourself comfortable. Switch off the telephone, lock the door and explore your  lessons. Move at your own pace, stop and start again as you will, ask for help if you get stuck, and follow the instructions that will help you learn.

WooCommerce makes it all possible with a few simple clicks!

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Retreats & Workshops

Go Deep, Expand and Grow

Teagan’s workshops & retreats focus on connecting deeply with our divine essence, the aspect in us that is always peaceful, calm and content.  The Yogis call this Citananda. She energetically holds the space for participants to expand, transform and go deep. Please follow the events page for up-and-coming events, or if you would like Teagan to facilitate an event, email her:

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“Expansion, depth, release, love, energy. An opportunity to be with myself and go inward.  Teagan, you are a natural teacher and seem to know what is going on with everyone, not just superficially, but deeply.  You then know what to do about it!” Maree, Melbourne

Up and Coming Events

Mindfulness- Level 2

When: 20 April- 11 may

Where: Grey Lynn Community Centre

Cost: (NZ) $90.00

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Past Events

15 August 2015- Unleash Your Earth Goddess. Workshop– Kawaii Purapura, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

23 November 2014- A Conversation With Four Goddesses. Workshop- San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

22 November 2014- The 7 Keys to Managing Anxiety & Depression. Workshop- San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

21 November 2014- Managing Anxiety & Fear. Talk- San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

17-18  May 2014- Awaken The Goddess Within. Retreat- Cuernavaca Mexico

19 February 2014- Managing Anxiety & Fear. Talk- Cuernavaca Mexico

07-09  November 2013- The Yoga of Sound, Movement & Breath. Retreat- Cuernavaca Mexico

15- 29 September 2012- Amazon Expedition. Retreat- Amazon, Peru

05-07 December 2011- Deepening Your Consciousness. Yoga Retreat- Healesville, Melbourne, Australia